Lakers Kobe Bryant is back!

Following the Achilles surgery in mid-April, Kobe Bryant’s initial timeline was set at 6-to-9 months, and he will hit the six-month mark this month. The 15-time All-Star told reporters that he will need roughly “three weeks” of conditioning before he’s ready to go, and the Lakers will open the regular season against the Clippers on Oct. 29, which is now less than three weeks away.

At Bryant’s age and how many seasons and games hes played, he still relies on trainers and coaches for help. Not many players can come back in less than a year from a torn Achilles.

Tim Grover, the personal trainer for Kobe Bryant who is also the personal trainer for Michael Jordan said “He’ll recover 100 percent from this.”

Los Angeles Lakers trainer, Gary Vitti, has been by Bryant’s side since his rookie season in 1996-97, so no one besides Bryant himself knows his body and how it reacts to injuries then Vitti. He said the Lakers superstar “is doing well and has had no setbacks” while recovering from his torn left Achilles tendon.

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