What coaches are saying…

“I just joined www.learnfromthebest.com and within a week I already had a lesson.  It was easy to set up and the lesson went great.  I’m excited to be a part of Learn From The Best and am looking forward to the lessons that will come in soon.”
Matt Wallach

“Within two days of setting up a profile for learnfromthebest.com I have already setup lessons with clients.”
Cory Caruso

“Learn From The Best has already started assisting players with their development and growth!  Referrals are coming in!”
Rudy Arguelles

“I just had my first private lesson set up from Learn From The Best and it was an awesome experience.  I worked with a group of 9 year old football players from Glendale, Ca.  We started off with some light stretching and a dynamic warm up, and then jumped in to offensive and defensive lineman drills.  We worked on everything from basic footwork, to get offs with a parachute to work on explosiveness. One of the biggest problems the parents said they had was the players technique changes from the first quarter to the second quarter.  To help work on this, I kept an up tempo pace so while the kids got tired I could work on their fundamentals and get them to focus in on what was important.  I want to thank Garrett and all the people from Learn From The Best for setting me up with this client and I cant wait to help spread my knowledge of football on to more young athletes.”
Bryce Brantley

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